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Italy with the OSCE for more transparency in public procurement in Albania

Promoting the principles of good governance, preventing corruption and combating bribery, money laundering and terrorism financing are among the main activities carried out by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities. These activities are based on a number of commitments made by the OSCE participating States, as in the case of the adoption of Decision No. 6/20 on “Preventing and Combating Corruption through Digitization and Increased Transparency”, which was actively supported by Italy, at the Ministerial Council in Tirana on 3-4 December 2020.

Good governance and the fight against corruption are key to economic growth, political stability and security. The OSCE – also through its field operations – actively supports reforms and transparency initiatives at national level.

Italy attaches crucial importance to the issue of the fight against corruption and is aware that a serious and effective fight at international level must necessarily take place within the framework of multilateral cooperation, and structural reforms thereby leading to the full consolidation of democratic institutions.

Since 2020, Italy has been supporting a project initiated by the OSCE Presence in Albania to promote greater transparency and accountability of the public procurement system in Albania. While working with the Albanian Public Procurement Agency, the Albanian School of Public Administration and other administrations, the project supports the establishment of a “certified training curriculum” on public procurement, through which public officials can be properly trained and the planning, operation and monitoring of public procurement procedures is improved.

Within the framework of the project, an important corollary of the training activities is the mapping of corruption risk in two crucial sectors: health and construction. The study by the OSCE Presence in Albania has shown the significant positive impact of increased digitalization and centralization of the public procurement system on reducing corrupt practices in the said sectors.