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L'Ambasciatore Azzoni incontra la Delegazione italiana all'Assemblea Parlamentare OSCE (22 febbraio 2019)02/22/2019

L’Ambasciatore Alessandro Azzoni, Rappresentante Permanente d’Italia all’OSCE, ha incontrato a Vienna la delegazione italiana all'Assemblea parlamentare dell'Organizzazione per la sicurezza e la cooperazione in Europa (OSCE), che partecipava alla riunione invernale dell'Assemblea. Azzoni ha illustrato ai parlamentari i successi della Preside...

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Ambassador Azzoni's interview with Security and Human Rights Monitor (14 February 2019)02/14/2019

Ambassador Azzoni gave an interview to OSCE-focused online magazine Security and Human Rights Monitor, sharing his reflections on the outcomes of the 2018 Italian Chairmanship of the OSCE. The full-text of the interview in English is available at the following link:

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Scholarship for Peace and Security 201901/21/2019

Scholarship for Peace and Security 2019 The Scholarship for Peace and Security is a joint initiative of the OSCE and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs at Vienna, in partnership with a number of organisations whose work contributes to disarmament, non-proliferation (DNP) and development-related issues. The initiative offers a training programme...

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